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Route No 84 - 5 July 2003
Reeth, Marrick, Fremington Edge - 14 km
Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales . . .

Route map from Ordnance Survey Open Space service.

Map: OS Explorer OL30 Map of Yorkshire Dales Northern & Central areas at 1:25000

After about 150m we took the footpath on the right across the fields to Grinton Bridge over the River Swale. Here we crossed the road and continued on the path beside the river Swale for about 800m

This morning Vi & I met a group of friends in Reeth at around 10.30. The weather was quite cloudy but dry. We set off down the main road to Reeth bridge over Arkle Beck.

Just as we had all climbed the stile two cars drove up very fast and screeched to a halt by the gate. One driver got out and opened the gate into the adjoining field and the other driver drove his car up the field again at high speed, well lots of revving. As we walked up the slope we could see a large hollow used as a farm dump. The car was standing at the edge of the hole and with the engine racing - they must have wedged the throttle - the empty car drove over the edge and crashed into the rubbish below stalling the engine. No one had the number of the car left on the road so we had nothing useful to report to the police.

Here we turned left up the lane for about 100m and took the path on the right across the fields to Marrick Abbey. From there we followed a lovely stone paved path up the edge of Steps Wood to Marrick village. At the edge of the village we turned left and walked along the road for about 500m to map ref. SE 073985. We followed the path across the fields to the road at map ref. SE 065988. We turned right on to the road and walked up the hill for 400m before turning left on to the path along Fremington Edge.

The whole route was about 14km and took us four and a quarter hours including our stops. After a cup of tea and a toasted teacake we all drove back to one of our friend's houses for a barbeque. A great end to the day.

We continued along Fremington Edge to map ref. NZ 035014. Here we turned left off the ridge to descend the steep zig zag path towards Castle Farm. Then we followed the bridle way and footpath back to Reeth Bridge and the town centre.

Reeth town centre on a busy Saturday