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Route No 15 - Saturday 16 October 2001
Hole-of-Horcum, Newton Dale,
Levisham Moor circuit - 9 miles
North York Moors . . .

Route map from Ordnance Survey Open Space service.

Map: OS Explorer OL27 North York Moors Eastern area at 1:25000

Mist on the moor around the Hole of Horcum
Morning mist on the moor around the Hole of Horcum

We turned right on to the track to head north up Newton Dale for about a quarter of a mile. We planned to use the forest path from map ref. 843959 to climb up the valley side but after 7 months of disuse the start was completely overgrown and the old wooden faced steps were invisible.

An early start this morning. I met my friend in the car park at the Hole of Horcum just after 9.00am. It was a lovely bright sunny day and the morning mist was still rolling off Levisham Moor opposite the car park. We took the path from the hair-pin bend on the A169 that goes down into the pretty valley of Havern beck. Then we crossed the railway to the forest track in the bottom of Newton Dale.

More autumn fungus
More autumn fungus

Woodland path overlooking Newton Dale
Woodland path overlooking Newton Dale

It's a very pretty path through the woodland along the cliff top with views through the trees into the valley with the steam trains of the North York Moors Railway passing below. After about two and a half miles the path descends a narrow wooded ridge to the forest road in the valley bottom beside the railway.

After searching for a few minutes we decided to climb up the bank until we intercepted the path which we did about 15 yards up the bank and from there on the path was easy to follow up to the seat at the top on the forest track that runs around the valley rim.

Newton Dale from the woodland path round the valley rim
Newton Dale from the woodland path round the valley rim

Looking along Newton Dale
Looking along Newton Dale

Below us were three mounds marked on the map as 'Pillow Mounds'. They are about 30 feet long by 10 feet wide and about 4 feet high in the middle. I have no idea what their origin is. From here we headed for Dundale Pond and then took the path along the top of Levisham Moor for about 2 miles back to our start at the Hole of Horcum car park. The whole route was about 9 miles and took us about 4 and a half hours including our stops.

We followed the road for about a quarter of a mile and opposite a holiday cottage turned left across the railway and up a forest path on to the lower plateau of Levisham Moor. We crossed this lower palteau and climbed up onto the next level and stopped for a drink and to look at the view.

Pillow Mound
A Pillow Mound

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